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  For Throw-away Knives

Specification Max.knife length : 640 mm
Grinding motor : 0.75 Kw
Lapping motor : 0.75 Kw
Feed motor : 0.2 Kw with inverter
Pump : 40 w
Feed speed : 2 ~ 11 m/min.
Net Weight : 610 Kgs
Feature A special machine to grind KANEFUSA throw-away knives, Type B and Type C.
Grinding angle can be easily set by the knife bed stopper.
A precision dial-gauge is equipped to control wheel indexing amount in 1/100mm.
A double-face knife bed for grinding two different type of knife is available as an option.

Marunakia`s grinders are developed mainly for grinding knives of woodworking machines, but a lot of our grinders are being used for grinding knives for paper, resin, plastic, food machinery, etc. We are pleased to do test grinding of your knives.

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